Springtime Fly Fishing in Western Montana

It’s springtime in Western Montana! Which means it’s the start of the season of hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, camping, etc. This can be a challenging season to fly fish, however it can also be one of the most fun seasons to fly fish. Springtime is challenging, because the river levels and the river’s clarity vary day-to-day, sometimes hour-to-hour. The [...]

Bird Watching in Bitterroot Valley

Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is an excellent place for the bird watcher. Birding is a great outdoor pursuit for so many reasons. First, Bird watching can be performed for as long as you can comfortably walk, ride, etc. While Montana has other outdoor pursuits—things like skiing, running, and mountain biking—bird watching (or birding as we’ll refer to it through the rest [...]

Dog Sledding in Bitterroot Valley

Often times February means the last of the reliable cold weather (this is not to say that March—May snow is not prevalent—March is oftentimes the heaviest snow month) meaning that you can count on (usually) coming for a winter vacation and having the appropriate conditions. The Bitterroot Valley plays host to numerous outdoor and indoor wintertime recreational pursuits. Did you [...]

Ice Fishing in Bitterroot Valley

Western Montana is known for its diversity of outdoor pursuits, a hub of most any type of outdoor recreation. One wintertime recreational opportunity, one that doesn’t get as much press as, say, downhill skiing, or snowshoeing, is ice fishing. And, for those of you who haven’t tried it, ice fishing is an excellent way to spend some time out of [...]

Sledding in Bitterroot Valley

Winter is here! This means colder temps, hopefully abundant snows, and, of course, this is the month for the Holidays! And then the start of the new year! How exciting. The holidays are a time for family and fun, and what better way to spend time as a family then outside in the snow! There are so many different types [...]

Western Montana is a Skier’s Paradise

Western Montana is a skier’s paradise, with mountains reaching up into the clouds, and a hopefully, ever-constant supply of snow in the winter months. And, often, when we think of skiing, we think of the downhill variety, being taken up a lift to the top of a mountain, where we then slide back down on skis or a snowboard at [...]

Grouse in Montana

Montana gets a lot of press for its big game hunting opportunities, and rightly so. Montana is home to some of the most diverse and plentiful big game populations in the world. Our state can also boast about the many opportunities to hunt those big game animals on public land. And it’s well known that the Bitterroot Valley is home [...]

Staying Safe in Bear Country

Montana is a vast outdoor playground where enthusiasts of most any outdoor sport can find something to do.  Montana’s vast country and high mountains also are home to a diverse population of animals, which still roam freely.  Among these animals is the bear, and often people venturing in the outdoors of Montana may have an encounter with this iconic animal.  [...]