Sledding in Bitterroot Valley

Winter is here! This means colder temps, hopefully abundant snows, and, of course, this is the month for the Holidays! And then the start of the new year! How exciting. The holidays are a time for family and fun, and what better way to spend time as a family then outside in the snow! There are so many different types of winter-recreation, but one of the easiest, simplest, and most fun is to be out sledding, especially in Bitterroot Valley! You can sled just about anywhere there’s a hill, and that’s one of the things that makes it so much fun, and such a wonderful family activity: it’s simple.

The only thing you need for sledding in Bitterroot Valley, really, is a sled. Sleds come in various shapes and sizes. And you should choose your sled wisely. If you want to sled as a group, consider a Toboggan. A Toboggan can carry an entire group of people down the hill. There’s saucer sleds, and rectangular racing sleds. You can even make your own sled; grab some cardboard from the garage and get out there (it might not hold up for long, but it will work). There’s wooden sleds with metal runners: these are very popular, fast and durable sleds, but, on a busy sled hill, can also pose certain dangers in the event of a collision with another sledder (these things do happen). Plastic sleds are a safe alternative, also much less expensive and easier to find.

Make sure to dress appropriately for sledding. Wear warm clothes, gloves and hats. Snow pants help to keep you dry. Hypothermia is one major threat during winter recreation. If you get wet, get dry immediately. It doesn’t take much to lower the body’s temperature to hypothermic levels. Hypothermia is incredibly dangerous and can take hold without a person realizing what is happening.

And, of course, there’s the cocoa afterwards. Sledding in Bitterroot Valley and cocoa just seem to go hand-in-hand. Make up a big batch of cocoa, add your mash mellows if you like, and enjoy the winter season. We hope you have a great Holiday!

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