Believe it: Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is home to several spectacular lush fairways and manicured greens situated beneath incredible scenery. Golf is a terrific sport to play, and it’s a great way to spend some time in the outdoors, enjoying Montana’s beautiful spring/summer climate. There are several options for golf in the Bitterroot Valley, which means that regardless where you make your Bitterroot Valley home base this spring/summer, you will likely have a course nearby.

The Hamilton Golf Club located near Hamilton, Montana has spectacular views of the

mountains. The Whitetail Golf Course, which is also located near Hamilton, Montana, is a nine-

hole course near the incredible Lee Metcalf Wilderness. Both clubs have wonderfully designed

courses, and also offer driving ranges where you can sneak away for an hour or so in the


Why, you might ask, would you come to Hamilton, Montana to play golf? Wouldn’t it be more

fun to explore the mountainous scenery, or fish a legendary blue-ribbon trout stream? The

answer is that the area is home to so many wonderful outdoor pursuits that you can choose just

about anything. You can get an early morning tee time, finish, have lunch, and then fish for trout

through the afternoon hatch.

If you have never played golf before the sport can seem a little intimidating. The golf ball looks

small, hard to hit, and the hole on the green looks equally small, difficult to get that tiny ball

two-hundred plus yards and into that tiny hole. And while golf is a sport where practice rewards

success, it is also an everyman–type of sport, where everyone, even the uninitiated, can come

out to the course and have fun. And to experience the outdoors and the panoramic vistas of the

Bitterroot Valley while you play the game, is more than worth the effort to learn to play.

This summer, enjoy the many outdoor opportunities that the Bitterroot Valley has to offer.

Remember to stay safe and have fun while you explore Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.