Adventure Whitewater: A Thrilling Experience

If you have ever experienced the swift currents of a river from the inside of a rubber raft then you understand how thrilling such an adventurous activity is. The swift currents funneling between boulders, the waves that propel the raft upward, contribute to an exhilarating experience beyond comparison. But there are many safety issues to whitewater rafting. And if you [...]

Time to Commence the Golf Season

Believe it: Montana’s Bitterroot Valley is home to several spectacular lush fairways and manicured greens situated beneath incredible scenery. Golf is a terrific sport to play, and it’s a great way to spend some time in the outdoors, enjoying Montana’s beautiful spring/summer climate. There are several options for golf in the Bitterroot Valley, which means that regardless where you make [...]

Mountain Bike Season: Get that Bike Tuned up and Ready

It’s the season during which the trails of the Bitterroot Valley are drying out and getting ready to accommodate both the tread of hiking boots and the knobby tires of mountain bikes. And for those of you who plan to experience, on a mountain bike, one or many of the Bitterroot Valley’s endless combination of mountain trails, then it’s time [...]

Lightweight Backpacking Shelters: The Tarp

Ultralight backpacking/hiking gear has become something of a phenomenon in recent years. Companies seem to compete to see who can build the strongest and lightest equipment. But oftentimes the actual ounces that separate one product from another—one tent from another—is so minimal that most will not notice the added fractional weight. But that’s not always true when we compare one [...]

Sleeping Bags and Temperature Ratings:

The weather in the Bitterroot valley is unpredictable; springtime, especially, can vary between two extremes in as quick as one hour. When you stay the night in the mountains you need to be prepared. So, when you go to purchase your next sleeping bag, or you have to decide which bag to pack for your next trip, here’s a few [...]

Phone Battery: Keep a Phone Functioning in the Backcountry

Whether we like it or not the phone has become as much a tool for safety in the wilderness as it is helpful. You might need your phone to call for help, keep the time, etc. But you may also use it for directions; the IPhone, for instance, has proven to be an effective tool for navigation, and in some [...]

What to Pack for a Day in the Wild

The Bitterroot Valley is an expansive, wild place, where in every direction there seems to be an endless possibility for adventure. And one of the most popular ways to appreciate the area is hiking the vast network of trails. Here is a checklist for what to bring on a hike; it’s extensive enough that to keep you prepared and safe [...]

Build a Campfire: Efficiency and Safety

A campfire is one of the most beloved of outdoor traditions; there is nothing quite like watching flames flicker over dry logs at night or carefully browning a marshmallow over the white heat of cot coals. But fire can also be a necessity of survival. Find yourself in the wilderness and wet, cold, and lost, and you’ll want to know [...]

Alcohol Stove: How to Use a Pop Can to Make an Efficient Stove

Alcohol stoves are wonderfully simple, and because the materials needed to build one and the fuel needed to burn in one are incredibly cheap and easily acceptable (denatured alcohol can be found in almost any home store) then most anyone, with a little spare time can easily make one. Here’s how… Two Cans You will need two cans, preferably two [...]

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