Yes, the Bitterroot Valley is known for pursuits in the outdoors. The Bitterroot Valley is home base for many fisherman, rafters, hikers, hunters, skiers, golfers, etc. But the communities that run the length of the Bitterroot Valley play host to all those who come here to visit. Every one of these communities has played, and continues to play, a unique role in the support of this incredible place.

The Communities of The Bitterroot Valley

To travel southbound from Missoula, you will travel through Florence, Montana. Florence is home to more than 1000 people, and was, historically, once a very busy community that supported the railroad. Southbound from Florence is the town of Stevensville, a nice small town with plenty of amenities. Stevensville is near a host of outdoor pursuits, and its cafes and restaurants can warm the belly of both the adventurous outdoorsman and the curious antique shopper alike. In Victor and Corvallis, Montana, both charming little small towns southbound from Stevensville, you will find several bed and breakfasts and also quality dining. The Bitterroot Valley’s largest town, Hamilton, is southbound from Corvallis. Hamilton is the busy, business center of the Bitterroot Valley. Hamilton plays host to a terrific country fair and there’s even a micro-brew festival. There’s a lively music and art scene in Hamilton, as well as some terrific restaurants and breweries; basically, if you visit Hamilton, Montana, in any season you will find something to fun to do. Southbound from Hamilton you will pass through three small

Montana towns, each with its own unique history. Darby, Montana, whose history is well-entrenched in the era of the gold rush; Connor, Montana, which is the home to the first Ranger Station in the United States and is also home to the oldest Ponderosa Pine Tree; and, finally, Sula, Montana, whose population is well-under one hundred folks, but is situated as the gateway to a tremendously expansive wilderness area.

Surely any traveler or outdoor adventurer coming here will find something of interest in the many Montana communities that make up the beautiful Bitterroot Valley.